Our Mission.

Our mission is to have 100000 subscribers to our programme that’s between the ages of 18 and 30 years old.

Work Readiness Programme

Our Work readiness Programme aimed at the youth includes: (18-30years old)

  • 1. Free workskills online module programme
  • 2. Free entrepreneurial online module programme
  • 3. Free people skills online module programme
  • 4. Free money skills online module programme


  • 1-hour telephone goal setting coaching session
  • 3-month online/telephone mentorship programme (1 hour per month) focused on developing your soft and behavioural skills that will help you to transition into the workplace more seamlessly (if you are going the corporate route)
  • Access to online mentoring and resources (if you are going the entrepreneurial route)
  • Opportunities to volunteer opportunities to build your skills and experience
  • Access to 4 free telephone counselling sessions
  • Access to free webinars, information sessions and resources
  • Links to 3 online assessments
  • Monthly newsletter in your email box

* The work readiness program is perfect for students, graduates and the youth

* You are required to contribute R 2000.00 per annum towards this programme (WhatsApp, telephone calls and online access is for your own account)

*In conjunction to joining this programme we also recommend that you attend a Toastmasters Club near you (this is an important process to building your confidence, presentation and communication skills and the annual subscription fees are for your own cost and additional to the programme costs)

*Please read our letter (click this link)

*Please complete the application form below if you would like to participate in this programme

NB: This is a Not for Profit Programme, your contribution from the subscription will service basic communication costs and the balance of the programme costs will be raised via sponsorships, events and donations.

  • Counselling

    We will additionally offer you counselling support at the times when you are going through challenges or just need someone to listen.

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    We offer volunteer opportunities to youth in our network.

  • Job Placement Opportunities

    We will endeavour to support you with information on available jobs and placement after you have gone through our programme.

  • Networks

    We will build networks on social media where you can discuss your experiences and gain support when in our network

  • Resources

    Ongoing resources and newsletters will be available to you via email once you subscribe to receive this communication

  • Teaching Entrprenuerial skills

    Ongoing resources and newsletters will be available to you via email once you subscribe to receive this communication

Apply Now.


Application process: Once you have sent your application we will respond via email with a serial number that you can use to make payment. Check your spam box should you not have received your unique code. Once you have paid your subscription fee we will unlock your programme.

*At the end of the programme you will receive a certificate of completion.