• The Global Talent Cafe was born in 2008 within the business of OutsourcedHR. We realised that we could make an enormous difference to the lives of the youth (18 to 30 years), if we nurtured their potential and offered them continued support.

  • We achieved this by placing project teams and individual graduates into the corporate in temporary and perm employment. We continued coaching them for the duration of the projects and insured that they transitioned into the workplace seamlessly.
  • The result was that there was less than .01% disciplinery action and many that were placed in project roles became permanent employees within the organisation we placed them.

We will ensure that our graduates are best in class when it comes to work readiness. They will be emotionally mature and eager to add value and make a difference to your organisation and your bottom line.

Give us a test and we will show you our best!

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  • Our Focus.

    The Global Talent Cafe will focus on and nurture the potential and development of participants through development, coaching, mentoring and/or counselling.

  • Our Mission.

    Our mission is to uplift, inspire and guide the youth to successful careers.

  • Our Values.

    The Global Talent Cafe is a level 1 BEE, 100% woman owned business.
    Empathy, Innovation, Teamwork, Efficiency, Integrity